Facebook Follies

I received a Friend Request from a guy that slept with my girlfriend back in college. I guess he thought she would keep that a secret. Me and “Joe” had some mutual friends back in the day, we shared a few beers and lies, etc, etc. He knew when he slept with her that we had been dating for a couple of years, so according to the Guy Code, I could have rightfully stomped his ass into the ground. But, by the time I found out, we had been broken up for about a year.

Needless to say, I found out years later that the skank screwed five other guys while I was away at school. Looking back I should have known she was a skank. She loved to party, a lot, but never wanted to go to her usual spots when I was home. She was a freak. She would have sex anywhere, anytime with me (and other guys too, obviously). And something I didn’t put together until about five years ago. She would always call me late on the weekends, like to make sure I was at school and not back home, able to see her boinkin’ some dude in his car.

Anyway, I sort of want to accept the asshole’s friend request, then post something about what I know. But, this is a chance to take the high road, right?

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One thought on “Facebook Follies

  1. Love the graphic. It really works with the story. Sad story, it is.

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