Penny Wise, Dollar Dumb

I’m walking up Clark tonight and I see a guy begging for money outside a 7/Eleven and I think about how many times a dollar has to exchange hands before it’s value was been maxed. Did I say that right? Well, you know what I mean.  OK, so the pan-handler uses our dollar for coffee at the 7/Eleven, Homer, the cashier, pockets it with twenty three others to buy some chronic from Ronnie. Ronnie takes the one, with 430 more and buys his kid a new tv out of  Fitz’s trunk. Fitz takes the 430 ones to Pink Monkey and shoves our one into Star’s crotch. Star takes it with the 893 others she made that night and gives it (our one) and two others to Hector for a fruit cup. Hector takes it to church and gives it as part of his tithing. Father Tom gives it back to the pan-handler when he stops to get coffee the next day.

I gotta ask, is there still money left on that dollar?

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