**Wango Tango

I was walking into a Borders the other day and a woman was leaving as I was walking in. I caught the scent of the perfume she was wearing (I think) and immediately thought of an ex of ions ago. The next four or five hours was spent thinking of the good and bad times with her. The mind is a crazy thing my friend.

Later that evening I was going through the Sunday ads and I came across one of those perfume envelopes with perfume in the glue… you know what I mean. I opened it and thought of another ex. So I started to think of what brings certain women to mind and found that the list is longer than I thought…

Sight: the beach, spandex, drunk women, low-cut blouses, ferries, great outdoors, falling snow, laundromats, sea shells, dairy queen, single mothers, parking meters, raccoons, knee-high strap-up sandals, meter maids, country roads, blushing, central park, white ann taylor “perfect shirt”, lip gloss, tramp stamps, exposed necks, nothing on but an old worn-out thin t-shirt (her), highway 14, candy stores, Amoco’s, dark/wet gangways, and F150’s

Sound: drunk women, Sade, country music, squirrels barking, cats purring, whispering in my ear, kind of blue/miles davis, symphonies no. 5 and no. 2/carl nielsen, contierto de aranjuez/joaquin rodrigo, and alarm clocks.

Smell: toast, beach, hot tea, baby oil, lip gloss, saganaki, oatmeal/raison cookies, coco fragrance, angel fragrance, diamonds fragrance, light blue fragrance, caress body wash, campfires, fresh bread still baking, and tents.

Taste: mayonnaise, pinot grigio, sangria, peanut butter, capers, light blue fragrance, that sweet spot just below her neck (front and back)and lemon-flavored toothpaste

Touch: sand on a wooden floor, haircuts, snow, satin sheets, wool scarves, lake breeze, and hands (touching)

Now, I’m not saying that all of these are turn-on’s. It’s the contrary.

Turn-off’s: drunk women, meter maids, country music, morning breath, alarm clocks, coco perfume, wool scarves and F150’s

Turn-on’s: nothing on but an old worn-out thin t-shirt (her), falling snow, ann taylor white satin “perfect shirt” with a pencil skirt, light blue fragrance, blushing, Sade or Maxwell music, whispering in my ear, lip gloss, satin sheets, pinot grigio, baby oil,  that sweet spot just below her neck (front and back), angel/diamonds fragrances, sea shells, dark/wet gangways, sangria, kind of blue, caress body wash,  symphonies no. 5 and no. 2/carl nielsen, contierto de aranjuez/joaquin rodrigo, country roads, exposed necks (yes, exceptions exist), oatmeal/raison cookies, central park, touching hands, direct eye contact, toast and campfires

Makes no difference: spandex (yes, exceptions exist), low-cut blouses (yes, exceptions exist), laundromats, dairy queens, snow, single mothers, raccoons, knee high strap up sandals, tramp stamps, squirrels barking, hot tea, tents, peanut butter, lemon-flavored toothpaste, sand on a wooden floor, the beach, great outdoors, Amoco and mayonnaise

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