Gotta get Morry a girlfriend

Besides from suffering from Acute Vaginal Depression, Morry is spending way too much time at strip clubs. My brother saw him at the Pink Monkey and subsequently found out that all of the strippers know his name. Not good. Strippers should not know customers names, just like we don’t need to know their names.

It only sets you up for trouble. Trust me. The last thing you want is to move into the same building as one that knows your name. Then, after a few months, your new girlfriend gets jealous of the hot chick downstairs and doesn’t like you talking to her, even though she (GF) doesn’t have a clue that she’s (hot chick) a stripper. Then a couple of months later she unknowingly joins the same gym that the stripper belongs to, then GF finds out that the hot chick is a stripper (at the same club where she, GF, fucked you in a private room on your birthday) from all of the other fucking hags. Then, she turns into the ice queen and only opens her legs to put her pants on. Then, when your lease is about to end, she tells you that you have to move. Then she… wait a minute, sorry about that.

It’s like I said, it only sets you up for trouble.

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