Like school is the summertime…

So I’m standing in Dominick’s, buying some Lean Cuisines and Zantac and this fat, food-stained shirt-wearing, bad breathed, old wig wearing, but $100 fake fingernail wearing skank behind me takes a call on her cell. Of course it’s bad enough when she’s gotta talk loud enough to drown out my own thoughts, but it’s even worse when her 4 year old kid wants a candy bar and she responds “Shut up mother fucker, before I embarrass you right here.”

I can’t stand that shit. Seeing kids get grabbed by the collar and told they’re going to get their butt spanked as soon as they get home is one thing, but this bitch needed someone to knock her the fuck out. But, doing that in front of the kid will scar him and send me to jail. So, hopefully, someday I’ll be behind her, when she’s without the kid, going down the concrete stairs at an L station, where there are no cameras.

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