That’s a wrap

I met up with Morry down at the Cubby for a couple of beers last night and leave it to him to provide the drama. I thought we might sit back,have a few, and watch the game. But, no, he’s wrapped up in a sex scandal of sorts with his own girlfriend.

After a long night of drinking and whatever those two freaks do, they went home and apparently had sex (the mere thought of those two doing it makes half of my brain go into convulsions and the other half shut down). He goes on to tell me that she secretly recorded everything, and evidently, they did some pretty weird stuff, even by their standards.

He woke up in a haze, took a shower, and then noticed that she kept giggling at whatever she was watching on her laptop. He didn’t give it much thought until she sent him a link at his job. Yeah, she sent him a link to their posted (non-public page on her website) sexcapade at his job. Me? I don’t care if I have a threesome with Miss America and Miss Universe. If either of them sent me that kind of link to my job, I would make things right real quick.

Unfortunately, for Morry, he left his balls in her purse about five months ago. Now he’s got no idea what to do and he won’t listen to any of my suggestions. Two of which are felonies.

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